Call Behavior Action: StepAM2 - Meta-modeling

"Metamodeling" is the process for defining our own modeling language. Metamodeling generally means providing metamodels for other modeling languages besides UML.
(1) Metamodels are developed with UML class diagrams.
Let's see for example the SimpleUML metamodels modeled with
- Eclipse UML Modeling Tools - "model/metamodel/UMLMDT":
"SimpleUML.umlclass_diagram" and "SimpleUML.uml"
- TOPCASED - "model/metamodel/UMLTC":
"SimpleUML.umldi" and "SimpleUML.uml"
(2) Eclipse provides another tool for modeling metamodels, the Ecore Diagram Editor. This one delivers metamodels in "Ecore"-representation - "model/metamodel/Ecore":
"SimpleUML.ecorediag" and "SimpleUML.ecore"
(3) Building a modeling editor for our language can be done with means of Eclipse Modeling Framework. For this activity we need an EMF model representation "SimpleUML.genmodel" of our metamodel, from which we may generate the modeling plug-in. Take a look at the referenced SMDA site for more detailed information